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DIY Coasters!


I made these coasters as a gift for my friend for her new apartment! They were probably the easiest thing I’ve ever made.

I picked up some tiles from the Home Improvement store (Lowes). They were 33 cents each. They are kind of a taupe color but the white tiles are even cheaper at 16 cents a piece! I bought a porcelain pen from Michael’s Craft Store. It was only about $3 and some change. Then just draw on whatever your little heart desires! You let them dry for 24 hours (I’m not really sure if this step’s necessary), then you bake them at 300 degrees for 35 min and TA-DA! To make sure they don’t scratch the finish of your tables, I would put cork, felt, or rubber pads on the bottom. I just used the stick on cork circles and put one on each of the four corners.


Lighted Side Table


I made this lighted side table over the summer. Some neighbors of ours threw out some old folding closet doors that resembled shutters (they looked like this but were obviously in a lot worse shape). They were laying on the side of the road and were a bit dirty but I decided to re-purpose them into a table. I started by taking off the hardware (hinges and any door knobs). I then used my dad’s table saw to cut the doors. I made the table about 40″ high I think. This is a little tall but still works. After you have the four sides of the table cut, screw them together one side at a time (using a power drill). IMPORTANT: you need to make sure all of your shutter slats are facing downward. This way you won’t see the lamp inside when you’re done.

For the top I used some extra lumber to make slats across the top. You could also use a solid square piece of wood if you want. We had a 2″x4″ lying around in the garage so I just used this. I cut the board into 4 equal lengths (I cut the pieces a little longer than the width of the table so I had a little overhang).¬† These pieces are also screwed into the top of the table. The screws have to line up with sides of the table so you have something to drill into.

Once this is done, give your table a layer of paint. I just used one can of white gloss spray paint to touch up any scratched paint. The doors were white to start with so this saved money. You could obviously spray paint the table any color, but I think spray painting the shutter slats might be difficult.

I took an ugly old lamp (with the shade off) and placed it on the inside of the table. It is just sitting on the floor, not suspended or anything. You can run the cord out the back side of the table that would be facing the wall. There is painters tape on the cord in this picture because of the spray painting.

You could also easily run the cord up the inside of one of the corners and suspend it from the inside top of the table. That would work too!

Making Halloween a Little Prettier!


I got this cute family of pumpkins for a total of about $8. Each little pumpkin was $1 and I found the large one at Publix for $5!. I was thinking about carving them, but since I live in an apartment and didn’t have any of the necessary tools, I decided to do a no carve pumpkin. These we very easy to dress up and turned out really cute in my opinion. I bought a variety of black and white ribbon from a craft store, like Hobby Lobby. I got about 5 different types of ribbon. If you can find double sided ribbon with a different design on each side that’s great because you get more variety for your money.

I used the pins you usually use for sewing to secure the ribbons into the pumpkin. I pinned the ribbon at the top first, then wrap the ribbon underneath and cut it where it intersects the bottom of the pumpkin. Pin the bottom as well! There is no need to be perfect on the bottom, because as you can see its covered up and no one will see. I tied some bows with the left over ribbon to dress up the top of the pumpkin. You can also do a horizontal ribbon on the pumpkin if you want to mix things up a bit!

Christmas Tutu and Headband


I made this tutu and headband for my baby niece to wear for Christmas pictures! She was a little over one month old so this is very small, but the same techniques can be used to create larger tutus.

I bought some stretchy headband ribbon from Hobby Lobby (It looks like this and you can find it in the ribbon/fabric section). This comes in a variety of colors but I bought it in white.I bought the whole spool of the ribbon because this is what you also use for the headband (and I will probably need it for other projects). However, I am pretty sure it is probably available to buy by the yard as well. Measure the waist of the tutu wearer and use that much ribbon, minus about 1 inch since it is elastic. You can sew the ribbon into a circle or you can hot glue it. That’s up to you.

I bought the tule from Walmart, but if they don’t have a fabric section, I’m sure Hobby Lobby sells tule as well. I bought red and white (a couple yards of each, very cheap) but you could do red and green, or even just red if you wanted. Of course you could do this in any color you wanted if not making it for Christmas.

Once you have the ribbon secured into your circle shape, cut the tule into longs strips. Feed this tule into the gaps in the ribbon, double it back through, and secure with a knot. I alternated the red and white tule as you can see. You can embellish this anyway that you like. I added some red polka-dotted bows around the tutu.

I used the same headband ribbon and made another circle a little smaller than the circumference of my niece’s head (about 12″). I made a small poof ball out of some left over tule and glued a ribbon to it so that it could be added and removed from the headband. I did this because I also made a felt flower with a ribbon that could be interchanged for the others.

Fabric Covered Foam Letters


These wall letters are super easy to make and are a great touch to any child’s room or bland dorm room!

I picked up some foam boards from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. They are 1 inch thick and measure 12″ x 10″. You can buy one for $4.99 or you can buy a pack of four for $10.99 (Hobby Lobby – Styrofoam Blocks) which is obviously a better deal if you are going to be doing more than one letter. I use one entire board for each letter, although you could make multiple smaller letters from one board (I haven’t tried this). Draw out the letter onto the foam board using a sharpie or pen (I use the edge of the board for the edges of the letter since this keeps all the letters the same dimensions). You can then use a serrated knife or any type of foam cutter to cut out the letters. Be careful not to press to hard as the foam might snap (if it does simply hot glue it back together and continue carefully). Once you have the letters cut out you can cover them with fabric.

I also picked up the fabric from Hobby Lobby while I was there. Just get enough to cover the number of foam squares you will be using, plus a little extra to be safe. The fabric is usually pretty cheap. Feel free to use any scrap fabric you may have as long as it is a little longer than 12″ since you have to slightly fold it over the edges. Cut the fabric into 13″ x 11″ rectangles. You then simply use hot glue to glue the fabric¬† around your cut out letters.

If you wish to hang the letters, or would like to add a little more pizzaz besides just the fabric, I would also pick up some ribbon. Get an opaque type of ribbon that is smaller than the width of the styrofoam board (I usually get ribbon that is 3/4 of an inch thick although you could go up to 1″ thick). Using the glue gun again, secure the ribbon around the outside of the letters (on the surface perpendicular to the wall – see pictures). You can also use this same ribbon to create a hanger for the letters. You can glue this ribbon to the back of the letters.