Christmas Tutu and Headband


I made this tutu and headband for my baby niece to wear for Christmas pictures! She was a little over one month old so this is very small, but the same techniques can be used to create larger tutus.

I bought some stretchy headband ribbon from Hobby Lobby (It looks like this and you can find it in the ribbon/fabric section). This comes in a variety of colors but I bought it in white.I bought the whole spool of the ribbon because this is what you also use for the headband (and I will probably need it for other projects). However, I am pretty sure it is probably available to buy by the yard as well. Measure the waist of the tutu wearer and use that much ribbon, minus about 1 inch since it is elastic. You can sew the ribbon into a circle or you can hot glue it. That’s up to you.

I bought the tule from Walmart, but if they don’t have a fabric section, I’m sure Hobby Lobby sells tule as well. I bought red and white (a couple yards of each, very cheap) but you could do red and green, or even just red if you wanted. Of course you could do this in any color you wanted if not making it for Christmas.

Once you have the ribbon secured into your circle shape, cut the tule into longs strips. Feed this tule into the gaps in the ribbon, double it back through, and secure with a knot. I alternated the red and white tule as you can see. You can embellish this anyway that you like. I added some red polka-dotted bows around the tutu.

I used the same headband ribbon and made another circle a little smaller than the circumference of my niece’s head (about 12″). I made a small poof ball out of some left over tule and glued a ribbon to it so that it could be added and removed from the headband. I did this because I also made a felt flower with a ribbon that could be interchanged for the others.


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