Lighted Side Table


I made this lighted side table over the summer. Some neighbors of ours threw out some old folding closet doors that resembled shutters (they looked like this but were obviously in a lot worse shape). They were laying on the side of the road and were a bit dirty but I decided to re-purpose them into a table. I started by taking off the hardware (hinges and any door knobs). I then used my dad’s table saw to cut the doors. I made the table about 40″ high I think. This is a little tall but still works. After you have the four sides of the table cut, screw them together one side at a time (using a power drill). IMPORTANT: you need to make sure all of your shutter slats are facing downward. This way you won’t see the lamp inside when you’re done.

For the top I used some extra lumber to make slats across the top. You could also use a solid square piece of wood if you want. We had a 2″x4″ lying around in the garage so I just used this. I cut the board into 4 equal lengths (I cut the pieces a little longer than the width of the table so I had a little overhang).  These pieces are also screwed into the top of the table. The screws have to line up with sides of the table so you have something to drill into.

Once this is done, give your table a layer of paint. I just used one can of white gloss spray paint to touch up any scratched paint. The doors were white to start with so this saved money. You could obviously spray paint the table any color, but I think spray painting the shutter slats might be difficult.

I took an ugly old lamp (with the shade off) and placed it on the inside of the table. It is just sitting on the floor, not suspended or anything. You can run the cord out the back side of the table that would be facing the wall. There is painters tape on the cord in this picture because of the spray painting.

You could also easily run the cord up the inside of one of the corners and suspend it from the inside top of the table. That would work too!


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    • I no longer have this table, so I am unsure of the exact dimensions. The four sides of the table are made from sliding shutter doors, like the kind used on interior closets of houses. I just took the hinges off of two, and cut them in half, giving me four sides. I would say the closet doors are about a foot, or a foot and half wide. The height can be altered just by cutting a couple inches off the bottom. It is the same height as most bed side tables though (3 ft?).


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