Making Halloween a Little Prettier!


I got this cute family of pumpkins for a total of about $8. Each little pumpkin was $1 and I found the large one at Publix for $5!. I was thinking about carving them, but since I live in an apartment and didn’t have any of the necessary tools, I decided to do a no carve pumpkin. These we very easy to dress up and turned out really cute in my opinion. I bought a variety of black and white ribbon from a craft store, like Hobby Lobby. I got about 5 different types of ribbon. If you can find double sided ribbon with a different design on each side that’s great because you get more variety for your money.

I used the pins you usually use for sewing to secure the ribbons into the pumpkin. I pinned the ribbon at the top first, then wrap the ribbon underneath and cut it where it intersects the bottom of the pumpkin. Pin the bottom as well! There is no need to be perfect on the bottom, because as you can see its covered up and no one will see. I tied some bows with the left over ribbon to dress up the top of the pumpkin. You can also do a horizontal ribbon on the pumpkin if you want to mix things up a bit!


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