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DIY T-shirt with, you guessed it, more Freezer Paper!


Hey crafters!

So I made a shirt for my friend’s birthday. This Jimi Hendrix design is pretty intricate, but obviously you can be as simple or complex as you desire! This craft uses the same freezer paper technique detailed in the “Freezer Paper Onesies” post.

This post might seem somewhat repetative but I just wanted to stress that you can obvioulsy make painted designs on other things besides baby onesies! I also want to stress that painting on white fabrics works best in my opinion, and you will probably want to put two coats of paint on. Make sure you put your second coat on before you peel the freezer paper off!

I also made a Johnny Cash T-Shirt which was a little harder since it was on darker fabrics (needed multiple coats of paint).


Baby Boy Tie Onesie


 This is one of my favorite projects thus far and I think it is just the cutest thing ever! You will need a sewing machine for this project. The onsie itself I bought in a pack of 4 for about $11, so it’s a little less than $3. I bought a 1/4 of a yard of fabric for the tie, which was probably more than i needed. I also had to buy some iron on bonding paper (which you can find in the fabric section and you only need a 1/4 of a yard of this too).

The bonding paper is basically used to fuse the two fabrics so that they can be easily sewn together. Cut out a rectangle of bonding paper a little larger than the dimensions of the tie shape. Cut the tie fabric out to these same dimensions. Iron the fabric onto the bonding paper (wrong side of the fabric to the adhesive side of the the bonding paper). Once the tie fabric is bonded to the paper, you can easily cut out whatever design you like. Since it is fused to the paper it doesnt fray when cutting. For this project I just cut out a general tie shape that would fit nicely on the size of the onesie. Make sure you mimic the curve at the neckline. Once you have your shape cut out, you peel off the paper part of the bonding paper (this leaves the bonding agent stuck to the back of the tie fabric). You then just position the tie where you want it and iron it on. Now the two fabrics are bonded together, but this will not be very secure, so you need to sew the two together. I just sewed a border around the entire shape to secure them togethe (if you want to get fancy you can even use a zigzag stitch!).

Freezer Paper Onesies!!


Using freezer paper for painting stencils on fabric has to be the most brilliant idea ever thought of! Whoever thought of it should have their own holiday dedicated to them. If you’ve never bought freezer paper before, you can find it at most grocery stores in the baking section with the tin foil, wax paper, etc.

Okay so the first thing you do is figure out what design you want to paint on the fabric. The possibilities are endless, from images to font. For the onesies I made I decided to paint a pair of aviator sunglasses. I found a picture online of the sunglasses. I then cut a sheet of freezer paper to the size of normal printer paper (11×8.5 inches). You can then feed this piece into your printer and printer the image you found online. You could also free-hand an image if you’d rather. I printed the image of the aviators out onto the freezer paper. Make sure you are printing to the side of the paper that doesn’t have the glossy texture or else this won’t work.

Once you have your image printed, use a box cutter or exacto knife to cut out your image or words. I want to stress that the “background” of the image (or the 11×8.5 sheet minus the image) is what you are using as your stencil, so make sure you aren’t cutting into this. Take your freezer paper and iron it onto the onesie. The fabric should be showing through the area of the paper you cut out, and this is what you will be painting. Make sure you have something inside the onesie to protect from the paint bleeding through. Now you just paint away (using fabric paint or acrylic paint works too). You can peel the freezer paper off right away or you can wait. I prefer to do it right away but make sure not to get any of the wet paint on any unprotected areas of fabric.


Recover Old Barstools!


Some of you might think these barstools looked pretty good before, but the tops were a little scratched up, and they were pretty uncomfortable to sit on. Because of this, I decided to give them an update! I got 3/4 of a yard of faux leather from the fabric section of the local Walmart (less than $4). If your Walmart doesn’t have a fabric section I would try Hobby Lobby or just a general fabric store. You could even splurge and get real leather if you’d like, but remember, this blog is dedicated to thriftyness, hence the “faux.” You will also need a some sort of padding. This padding will be similar to the stuff you fill pillows with but will come in sheet form. Most fabric stores will sell this by the yard, which saves you from having to buy the big roll of it in a bag. You could use foam padding if you want, but I feel the polyester stuff is easier to manipulate and probably cheaper.   You will also need a staple gun, at least that’s what I used to secure the fabric on the underside of the barstools.

The top of my barstools were 15 in x 15 in so I cut two 20in x20in pieces of faux leather (the extra is for the bulk of the padding and to wrap underneath). Cut 4 peices of padding the same size as the leather piece (2 layers for each stool). Lay one of the leather pieces face down on the floor. Then place two squares of the padding on top of it. Flip the barstool over and place it on top of the 3 layers. Fold the extra fabric and padding up the sides and staple it on the underside of the top of the barstool. Work your way around all the edges of the barstool, pulling taught.  Repeat with the second barstool and you’re done!

Notebook Paper T-Shirt


This DIY shirt is a super fun idea, in my opinion! It would be great for a child or any adults who are really children at heart, like me. Its extremely inexpensive to make. I just found an old white t-shirt I had in my closet. You will need some sort of tape that adheres well to fabric. I recommend masking tape or painter’s tape. I would start about one fourth of the way down from the top of the shirt. Place one strip of tape in this location and make sure it is long enough to go across the entire width of the shirt. Place another strip of tape below this, leaving a gap between it and the first strip where the t-shirt is showing.  This gap between the tape is the area you will be painting and will end up as one of the blue stripes on th “notebook paper.” Continue this taping method all the way down the shirt, making sure to leave a gap between each strip of tape. Once complete, you will paint the gaps between the paint strips with blue fabric paint and a foam sponge brush. Make sure you place a piece of carboard inside the shirt to make sure the paint doesn’t go through to the back side of the shirt. Once the blue strips are dry, you can remove the tape strips.

Now we need to paint our vertical red stripe of the “notebook paper.” This is done the same way by creating a gap between two strips of tape and painting between them. Place one longe piece of tape vertically about 3 inches or so from the left side of the shirt. Leave about 1/4 inch gap and place another vertical strip of tape. Make sure your red stripe will extend the entire length of the shirt (see photo). Paint this gap red, let dry, and remove the tape. You can paint 3 holes on the left side like real notebook paper if you’d like but I left them off. It’s up to you!

Dye Your Own Shoes!


Hey Everyone! So I’ve noticed Keds and Vans seem to be pretty in style at the moment, especially in various fun and vibrant colors for summer. I’ve been wanting a pair in every color imaginable but a pair of either of these brands of shoes is about $40, unless you’re lucky enough to find them on sale.

I found that Walmart sells a shoe that resembles a plain white pair of Keds. But who wants to wear boring white shoes (besides the fact that they make you look really tan!)? So i decided to pick up a couple pairs of these Walmart shoes and dye them various colors. I figured yellow and blue would be bright enought to make a statement! The shoes only cost $5 a pair, which was AWESOME (they come in whole sizes only). You can use basically any fabric dye. I think RIT is popular and is around $3, but there are other brands too. You can pick fromalmost any color you could think of! 

The actual dying of the shoe isn’t that difficult.You just mix the dye power with the amount of water specified in the instructions and a stainless steel sink or old bucket. You will also need a small amount of salt, because I think this helps the dye take to the fabric. Anyways, take out the laces (if you want to keep them white) and stick the shoes in! You need to stir the dye mixture occasionally and make sure to dunk the shoes every now and then since the tend to float. Rubber gloves are recommended unless you blue/yellow hands! The time you keep the shoes in the dye while affect how light or dark your color is.

I would like to note that you wash the shoes in the washing machine after dying them, and they do get a little lighter in the wash or after multiple washes, so you might want to dye them a shade darker than prefered. You could also probably paint designs on these shoes after you dye them or draw designs on with fabric paint pens!

Have fun and get creative!

More DIY Coasters!


Hey Guys! So I decided to make some more coasters. I’ve tried some new techniques since the ceramic pen I used in the last post. I jazzed these new coasters up with paper and fabric. This can easily be done with paper or fabric scraps you have around the house. You will also need some mod-podge to adhear these to your coasters. I bought 4 of the cheapest tiles they sell at Lowes Home Improvement or Home Depot (16 cents each). You can obviously buy more if you plan to make more than one set or if you would just like to have more than 4 coasters in your set. These coasters I got are 4 inch squares.

This means that if you are using paper you would probably want to use a 4 inch square of paper (or any shape smaller than 4×4). If you are using fabric I would use something about 5×5 inches so you have some extra fabric to wrap the around the edges and underneath to create a nicer look. Once you have this figured out, you basically just paint on the mod-podge onto the plain tile with a foam sponge brush. While the mod-podge is still wet you place the paper/fabric on top of this. I would wait about 5 min or so and then paint another coast of mod-podge on top. When covering the tiles with fabric, you have to wrap the excess fabric around the edges and underneath similar to how you would wrap a present. Use mod-podge on the bottom of the tile too to secure the fabric you wrap around.

ImageOnce all your mod-podge is dry, you can give your coaster a layer of clear protective spray paint to make them more or less water tight. Make sure you put some stick on cork or felt dots on the bottom of your coasters to protect your furniture surfaces!

These coasters to the left are the paper covered coasters! The brown one even has paper on it that has a texture to it (but you can’t really tell in this photo).

This is really a great, easy, and affordable gift for yourself or someone else. You can pick any paper or fabric you want so the possiblities are endless. (note: if you dont want to use a 4x4inch square of paper you could also cut shapes out of the paper and apply these to the coasters in the same way!). Enjoy and happy crafting!