Notebook Paper T-Shirt


This DIY shirt is a super fun idea, in my opinion! It would be great for a child or any adults who are really children at heart, like me. Its extremely inexpensive to make. I just found an old white t-shirt I had in my closet. You will need some sort of tape that adheres well to fabric. I recommend masking tape or painter’s tape. I would start about one fourth of the way down from the top of the shirt. Place one strip of tape in this location and make sure it is long enough to go across the entire width of the shirt. Place another strip of tape below this, leaving a gap between it and the first strip where the t-shirt is showing.  This gap between the tape is the area you will be painting and will end up as one of the blue stripes on th “notebook paper.” Continue this taping method all the way down the shirt, making sure to leave a gap between each strip of tape. Once complete, you will paint the gaps between the paint strips with blue fabric paint and a foam sponge brush. Make sure you place a piece of carboard inside the shirt to make sure the paint doesn’t go through to the back side of the shirt. Once the blue strips are dry, you can remove the tape strips.

Now we need to paint our vertical red stripe of the “notebook paper.” This is done the same way by creating a gap between two strips of tape and painting between them. Place one longe piece of tape vertically about 3 inches or so from the left side of the shirt. Leave about 1/4 inch gap and place another vertical strip of tape. Make sure your red stripe will extend the entire length of the shirt (see photo). Paint this gap red, let dry, and remove the tape. You can paint 3 holes on the left side like real notebook paper if you’d like but I left them off. It’s up to you!


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