Recover Old Barstools!


Some of you might think these barstools looked pretty good before, but the tops were a little scratched up, and they were pretty uncomfortable to sit on. Because of this, I decided to give them an update! I got 3/4 of a yard of faux leather from the fabric section of the local Walmart (less than $4). If your Walmart doesn’t have a fabric section I would try Hobby Lobby or just a general fabric store. You could even splurge and get real leather if you’d like, but remember, this blog is dedicated to thriftyness, hence the “faux.” You will also need a some sort of padding. This padding will be similar to the stuff you fill pillows with but will come in sheet form. Most fabric stores will sell this by the yard, which saves you from having to buy the big roll of it in a bag. You could use foam padding if you want, but I feel the polyester stuff is easier to manipulate and probably cheaper.   You will also need a staple gun, at least that’s what I used to secure the fabric on the underside of the barstools.

The top of my barstools were 15 in x 15 in so I cut two 20in x20in pieces of faux leather (the extra is for the bulk of the padding and to wrap underneath). Cut 4 peices of padding the same size as the leather piece (2 layers for each stool). Lay one of the leather pieces face down on the floor. Then place two squares of the padding on top of it. Flip the barstool over and place it on top of the 3 layers. Fold the extra fabric and padding up the sides and staple it on the underside of the top of the barstool. Work your way around all the edges of the barstool, pulling taught.  Repeat with the second barstool and you’re done!


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