DIY Glass Etching


Alright crafters, I classify this as a fairly complex craft. It takes some practice to get the hang of and includes sharp tools. However, I think people still appreciate hand made personalized gifts, even if they aren’t perfect, so give it a shot! This project could be slightly more expensive because of the etching cream you will need to purchase (at my go-to favorite craft store Hobby Lobby, but Michael’s will also carry it). The etching cream is usually around the soap making section. It comes in two sizes, I suggest buying the smaller size unless you plan on making a lot more glasses in the future (it’s about $8, but the bottle goes a long way).

So once you have purchased your glass etching cream, you’ll need some glasses. If you have some old glasses that you want to use that would be fine, but I just purchase my wine glasses from the $1 store. You could also try a thrift store, but they would most likely be about the same price, and the ones from the $1 store are new/clean! You will also need painter’s tape, which I always have around the house, and a box cutter or exacto knife.

First thing you want to do is make sure you glass surface is clean and dry. This will help the painter’s tape stick better to the glass. Next cover a large portion of the glass with painters tape, and make sure the tape is lying flat on the glass with no wrinkles or bubbles (this might be hard to achieve on wine glasses that are really curved, but do the best you can). This is an important step because any bubbles under the tape will allwo the etching cream to run under the tape, messing up the design. Once your tape is on, draw on your design or trace a printed design that you print off. The next step is to use your cutting tool to cut out the portion of the design that you want to be etched onto the glass. So if I was doing the letter “J” on a glass, I would draw on and cut out just the letter. This would leave an area of exposed glass in the shape of a “J” where you will paint on the etching cream. Once you have your design cut out, take a paint brush and paint the etching cream onto the area you cut out. Make sure you put on an even, thick coat. There are directions on the bottle as to how long you should leave the cream on for. Once the cream has had time to etch the glass, just wash the etching cream off really fast and pull the painters tape off.  Wash it thoroughly once the tape is removed to make sure all the etching cream is off. I recommend doing this in a mud room sink or tub so you don’t etch any surfaces in your house.

Good luck and remember practice makes perfect, so practice, practice, practice!


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  1. I love etching glass! If you don’t want to use an exacto knife, you can use clear contact paper and run it through a cricut or silhouette. Position your contact paper on your glass and Whallah! .You have a stencil.

    I love your ideas…and am hoping to find some time to do the onesies especially. Good crafting!!!


    • Good thinking Terri. The circut is a great idea and would save A LOT of time! I certainly recommend using that if you happen to already own one. But by all means, I wouldn’t go out and buy one just for this project; they are wonderful but very expensive. I do not own one which is why I use the exacto knife.

      Let me know how the onesies work out!


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