Button Letter Art


I made this piece of art for my apartment a while ago. It was really simple to make and super inexpensive. I got a frame from Goodwill (complete with tacky flower picture, glass front, and cardboard back). I think it was about $2, but price varies depending on the size of the frame. You will need a glue gun for this project, or some sort of adhesive. I lined the cardboard back with a piece of burlap fabric I had leftover from another project. You could glue on any fabric you desire or even use scrapbook paper!

Next, find some buttons! If you can’t find any lying around your house or from your mom, try a thrift store. Often times they will have bags of old unique buttons. If you still cant find any for cheap or for free, you can always buy some from a craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. The last step is to lay out your buttons to form your letter. It is smart to do this before you glue them down. Using different sizes of buttons makes it easier to make a uniform letter shape. Doing a script or cursive letter would also look cute! You can also do whole words. Finally, just glue down your buttons. Let your imagination go wild and happy crafting!


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