Rope Vase


 Okay guys, this project is super easy and cheap! First things first, you’ll need a vase, or a couple. I’d pick anything that has a unique shape. Most people always have old vases around their house, but since I didn’t, I picked one up from Goodwill. It was 50 cents! If you don’t already have rope or colorful thick string in your craft box you can get some at Walmart (if you don’t have a craft box, it’s something every crafter needs, so get one!!). I had some leftover thick hemp rope from making bracelets, so I just used it. An entire roll of the hemp was only $5 and I used about half of it, so it only cost me about $2.50! Thicker rope/string will work much better than the thin stuff.

Once you have your vase and rope, it’s time to wrap the rope around the vase. You can start at the bottom or top of the vase, it really doesn’t matter. Secure the beginning of the rope with a hot glue gun, or other adhesive. I kind of hid the beginning of the rope inside the neck of the vase to make it less visible. Once you have the beginning secure, just work your way down (or up) the vase. Secure the rope every now and then with some hot glue so the rope doesnt slip too much on the vase. More hot glue will be needed on surfaces that aren’t straight up and down. The rope tends to slip more on curved surfaces (like at the bottom of the vase to the left). Once the entire vase is covered, secure the end of the rope with more glue and you’re good to go!

I recommend wrapping two or three vases in the same rope and grouping them together when decorating. Interesting shapes and varying sizes will add visual interest. You can even put sprigs of plants or twigs in them if you want! Wrapping the vases in seasonal colors would also be great for holiday decorations!


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