Ruffle Butt Onesie


 There’s nothing cuter than a baby with ruffles on their bottom! I made this for my niece. The front has a painted flower on it, in the same color as the ruffles on the butt. I painted the flower on using the freezer paper technique described in my previous post.

This project is super easy, and you definitely don’t have to add anything besides the ruffles since they are cute enough on their own. I just added the flower on the front since it was a plain white onesie.

I bought this ruffle ribbon at Hobby Lobby. You can find it in the ribbon section, but it’s with the specialty ribbon that you can buy by the yard. I just bought enough to fit across the onesie three times and then about 5 inches extra to be safe.

To start you need 3 pieces of fabric that are same width as the onesie, with about an inch or so extra so that you can fold under the sides when you sew it on. I sewed each “tier” on one at a time, starting with the bottom, since they kind of overlap each other. Pin the bottom strip on first and fold under the left and right edges so that you get a clean edges. I just match the sides of the ribbon up with the seam on the side of the onesie. Once you have that pinned, just sew all the way across your ribbon with matching thread to secure it on.  Make sure you are only sewing across the back of the onesie and not the front and the back or else you will be sewing  your onesie closed. Repeat with the second layer, which you put above the one you just did. Sew on one more strip of ruffle ribbon and you are good to go!


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