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Cord Wrapping Tutorial


This is a great, simple way to jazz up any boring cords you have laying around the house. Additionally, this helps keep them from getting tangled  (to some degree). I just used some light blue string I had leftover from making bracelets, but you can really use any color embroidery thread you have, or any other small string or thread. The process is fairly simple, and repetitive. Start at one end of your cord (I chose to start on the plug side of the headphones) and tie a double knot with your string. Cut off the excess of the short end of the string so it’s not hanging out. So at this point, you should have a very long string that is double knotted to one end of your cord. Tie another knot around the cord and pull tight so that it slides right up next to your double knot. You repeat this process along the entire length of the cord. If you tie the knot the same way everytime, you should end up with a sort of “spiral” design along the length of the cord. If you begin to run out of string, just tie more string onto the end of the current string. You can also switch colors using this method (tying to different colored strings together).

I chose to stop wrapping the cord once it split into the headphones. You simply tie another double knot and cut off the excess string. If you wanted to continue wrapping the headphones all the way to the earbuds, you would end the way explained previously, and then begin again with seperate string on each cord.

Note* You will about three times as much string as the length of you headphone cord! If you want you could even put a little clear nail polish on the ends to keep them from coming untied or fraying.


Personalized Coasters


These coasters are one of my favorite gifts to give people. It’s great that you can personalize them for any recipient, no matter age or style.

I picked some tiles up from Lowes Home Improvement store, for literally pocket change (in the flooring section by the carpets). These five didn’t even cost me $2, and they are the nicer type of tile! I already had a porcelaine/ceramic paint pen on hand from some previous projects, but you can pick one up at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for, I think, only about $3. The pens come in multiple colors, but I chose black just because I felt it was the most versatile. Using the pen you just draw on whatever design you have chosen. If you mess up, the paint wll wipe off with a wet rag. You get as many re-do’s as you want! Once you’ve got things how you like them, preheat the oven to 350 degrees and bake the tiles for about 30 minutes. This will set the paint so that it wont wash or scratch off.

I made four coasters with the cursive “S” on them, and one with the entire last name. What you choose to put on them is up to your imagination, and the font possibilities are endless! These would make a great gift for newlywed couples or christmas gift for family friends.

Note* You will want to make sure you stick some foam or cork dots on the bottom 4 corners of each coaster to protect any furniture surfaces.

Painted Glass Vases


If you have some old mason jar or canning jars in your house, why not convert them into something stylish. They make great vases for flowers, but since they are clear it can be somewhat unattractive. I decided to paint mine with some leftover paint from when I painted my kitchen.

You’ll need some old jars or vases, paint in a fun color, and a small paint brush. All you need to do is pour some paint inside the jar. Pour enough to evenly coat the inside of your jar. Tilt your jar slightly while rotating. This will help the paint coat the inside of the jar. Continue tilting and rotating until the inside of the jar is competely coated in paint. You can use the paint brush to help move the paint around inside the jar if you are having trouble rotating the paint. Tilt the jar upside down and pour any excess paint back into the paint can. You’ll want to let the paint dry for a couple days before you fill it with water or any plants. I did a couple jars in the same color because I feel like it looks more cohesive. Try this out yourself, and remember to put your own spin on it!

Book Photo Frame


 This project is pretty quick and simple. All you need is a box cutter, an old hardback book, and your favorite photo (plus maybe some scotch tape haha). I like to pick old books that have characte or one that has an interesting design on the cover. The colors on the book to the left matched my apartment, so that’s why I choose it. I picked  it up from Goodwill for very cheap, practically free!!

First thing you’ll need to do is cut a square out of the front cover of your book. The size will obviously depend on how large you want the picture inside to be and how large your book is. I decided to cut my rectangle to leave a one inch border of the front cover, which acts as your “frame.”  Once this is done, you’ll be able to see the inside pages of the book. I decided to rip out the first few pages (since thats usually a blank title page), so that the matt for the picture would have font on it. Then all you do is tape the picture on the page. I cut the picture so that it is a little smaller than what you cut out of the front cover, that way you can see some of the book pages.