Book Photo Frame


 This project is pretty quick and simple. All you need is a box cutter, an old hardback book, and your favorite photo (plus maybe some scotch tape haha). I like to pick old books that have characte or one that has an interesting design on the cover. The colors on the book to the left matched my apartment, so that’s why I choose it. I picked  it up from Goodwill for very cheap, practically free!!

First thing you’ll need to do is cut a square out of the front cover of your book. The size will obviously depend on how large you want the picture inside to be and how large your book is. I decided to cut my rectangle to leave a one inch border of the front cover, which acts as your “frame.”  Once this is done, you’ll be able to see the inside pages of the book. I decided to rip out the first few pages (since thats usually a blank title page), so that the matt for the picture would have font on it. Then all you do is tape the picture on the page. I cut the picture so that it is a little smaller than what you cut out of the front cover, that way you can see some of the book pages.


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