Painted Glass Vases


If you have some old mason jar or canning jars in your house, why not convert them into something stylish. They make great vases for flowers, but since they are clear it can be somewhat unattractive. I decided to paint mine with some leftover paint from when I painted my kitchen.

You’ll need some old jars or vases, paint in a fun color, and a small paint brush. All you need to do is pour some paint inside the jar. Pour enough to evenly coat the inside of your jar. Tilt your jar slightly while rotating. This will help the paint coat the inside of the jar. Continue tilting and rotating until the inside of the jar is competely coated in paint. You can use the paint brush to help move the paint around inside the jar if you are having trouble rotating the paint. Tilt the jar upside down and pour any excess paint back into the paint can. You’ll want to let the paint dry for a couple days before you fill it with water or any plants. I did a couple jars in the same color because I feel like it looks more cohesive. Try this out yourself, and remember to put your own spin on it!


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