Baby Tutu and Personalized Sport’s Team Onesie


This tutu and baby onesie were made for a friend of mine at work. She is a big Atlanta Falcon’s fan and just had her first baby girl! They don’t make football jerseys in baby sizes, so why not go with an adorable tutu? I alternated black and red tule around an elastic band. Just make sure you measure the baby’s waist first so its the right size. You can buy elastic from any craft store, and widths vary. If the child is small enough you can just buy the pre-made elastic baby headbands and use them. Next, you just want to loop the tule around the elastic band. I added some red ribbon and bows and just glued on a few around the tutu. The Falcon’s emblem on the onesie was made with red fabric paint. I made the stencil out of freezer paper. I explain the technique for this in an older blog post, so see that for details! You can use fabric glue or hot glue to add bows wherever you’d like. In this case I added one to the collar.  Happy crafting!


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