Party Tutu and Personalized Birthday Shirt


My beautiful niece just turned 1 recently! Her birthday party had a theme of pink and zebra print, so appropriate for the little party animal she is. Her waste is about 18 inches around, so I measured out a piece of elastic about that big. You can find elastic about one inch wide, but really any width would do. You can sew your elastic into a circle, but I just use hot glue. I decided to do alternating hot pink, black, and white tule. I just cut the tule up into strips and then loop them around the elastic band. The length and amount of tule you use are really up to you. There’s no real science or fancy mathematic equations for this. The more tule you use, the thicker the tutu. If you make it longer, it will hang instead of stick straight out. I hot glued some zebra bow to jazz up the tutu a bit. You can add ribbon, sequences, or whatever other bling you can find. The shirt was made using fabric paint and a freezer paper stencil technique, details of which are in a previous blog post.


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