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TOMS Bracelet


photoIf you’ve ever bought a pair of TOMS, you know they come with an awesome little drawstring tote bag. These come in handy for a lot of different uses. But if you’ve bought more than one pair of TOMS, you know that you can run out of things to use them for.

Why not use the fabric to make a bracelet? I cut the bag up into about 1 inch strips. Cut across the bag the long way and instead of the short way. That way your fabric strips will be long enough to actually fit around your wrist!

You end up with some white strips, some blue strips, and some strips with black writing. Once you have your fabric strips, just braid them together. The bracelet can have varying designs, depending on which strips you choose. Once its braided, just tie onto your wrist and secure the knot with some fabric glue!

*Note* – the entire bag will make about four bracelets! This way if one gets dirty you can cut it off and tie a new one on.


Baby Shower WashCloth “Candies”


ImageI included these little washcloth “candies” in a gift basket I created for a friend’s baby shower. New mother’s often add various sets of washcloths to their gift registries. This mom asked for a solid color set of washcloths, which I found were a little plain on their own. I decided to roll them up into these cute little “candies” to tuck around inside the gift basket.

The rolling process is fairly self-explanatory. I folded the square washcloth down into about a one inch wide strip. I then rolled this up like a cinnamon roll to make the inside “candy” part, and secured the roll-up with a little piece of scotch tape. I did this with five of the washcloths, as you can see in the picture. I had three more washcloths left in the set, which I used for the wrapper part of the “candy”. For the wrapper, you just wrap the square washcloth around the rolled up washcloths and then secure the sides with a ribbon.

It works better if you put two rolled up washcloths in each candy, since the washcloth wrapper ends up being a bit oversized when you just do one. All you basically need for this project is some ribbon, which I had lying around, and the washcloths you buy from the store. I made sure to include the packaging they came in and the receipt in the bottom of the gift basket in case they needed to be returned.

*Note* – I did this with baby washcloths, which are somewhat smaller than those for adults. However, I believe this would work the same way if you wanted to this for an adult, in perhaps a spa gift basket or something similar.