Baby Shower WashCloth “Candies”


ImageI included these little washcloth “candies” in a gift basket I created for a friend’s baby shower. New mother’s often add various sets of washcloths to their gift registries. This mom asked for a solid color set of washcloths, which I found were a little plain on their own. I decided to roll them up into these cute little “candies” to tuck around inside the gift basket.

The rolling process is fairly self-explanatory. I folded the square washcloth down into about a one inch wide strip. I then rolled this up like a cinnamon roll to make the inside “candy” part, and secured the roll-up with a little piece of scotch tape. I did this with five of the washcloths, as you can see in the picture. I had three more washcloths left in the set, which I used for the wrapper part of the “candy”. For the wrapper, you just wrap the square washcloth around the rolled up washcloths and then secure the sides with a ribbon.

It works better if you put two rolled up washcloths in each candy, since the washcloth wrapper ends up being a bit oversized when you just do one. All you basically need for this project is some ribbon, which I had lying around, and the washcloths you buy from the store. I made sure to include the packaging they came in and the receipt in the bottom of the gift basket in case they needed to be returned.

*Note* – I did this with baby washcloths, which are somewhat smaller than those for adults. However, I believe this would work the same way if you wanted to this for an adult, in perhaps a spa gift basket or something similar.


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