Knitted Poof Baby Hat and Knitted Blanket


photo (3)Unfortunately, I am not teaching anyone how to knit with this blog post. I’m not very good at explaining it, but there are a lot of sites online that go into great depth about knitting how-to’s. You can do many different patterns and use different types of yarn. Once you learn the basics however, this poof hat is extremely easy to make. You basically knit a rectangle, which you fold in half to make something that looks like a square. The long sides of the rectangle fold in half, becoming the sides seams of the hat once you sew them up. The short sides of the rectangle become the open sides of your hat.  The two short side length should total the circumference of the baby’s head. If you measure from the baby’s forehead to the base of the back of the head, that should be the length of the long side of your rectangle. After you fold the rectangle in half and sew up the sides, you will have two points at the top of the hat. You can make poof balls out of the same yarn (you can google how to do this, it is very easy) and sew these onto the points of the hat. Knitting a matching blanket it quite easy. You can make it any size, shape, or pattern you’d like.


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