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Hanging Air Planter


IMG_1374I made these as ornaments for Christmas, but these can easily be tweaked to be non-holiday and stylish. I picked up some clear plastic ornaments from Walmart. I believe they were about 90 cents. If they aren’t in-store, you could probably order some online for pretty cheap. I traced a circle on the ornament (large enough opening to fit a small plant) and then cut the circle out with an exacto knife. Be careful not to cut yourself as the knives can slip a bit when using so much force. The only thing left to do would be to attach something to hang it with. I left the ornament top on and just attached some ribbon, but you could also use clear fishing line. You could also take the ornament top off completely and attach a chain to a ring larger than the top opening and feed the chain/ring up through the inside (the ring not fitting through the hole is what secures the chain inside the ornament). Insert an air plant and some moss, and you’re all ready to hang your planter!


Wood Burning Wall Art


image1I’ve  made a couple projects recently using my new wood burning pen that I picked up from Hobby Lobby for about $12. All of these projects use wood from wood pallets I picked up from the side of road (try searching by the dumpsters of local businesses). I cut the wood into various size pieces using a circular saw, and secured the wood strips/board together with metal stripping (the kind with holes) from Lowes Home Improvement Store (only about $1 or 2). Length of stripping and screw length/head size will depend on the type of project you’re doing. Wood burning is very simple and is pretty much like writing on wood with a sharpie, except instead you’re burning a design with a very hot metal tip. I usually sketch the design out with pencil before starting. This type of project is a little simpler than the previous one I posted, which used bullet casings for the design. For the foyer key hook project, I just bent some old keys I had found using a blow torch and pair of pliers. Once the keys are bent you can just screw them onto the board; they have pre-existing holes. Happy crafting.

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Bullet Shell Wall Hanging


1653894_10202638503392376_2031364222040844541_nSo this project was completely free to make, except for some minimal hardware costs! I collected some old wood pallets from my neighborhood (found by local and commercial businesses), and I went to my local shooting range and asked if I could sweep up some of their bullet shells. To complete this project, you will also need a drill, some wood glue, and a circular saw. I used the circular saw to cut apart the wood pallets, but you can go about it the old fashioned way with a crowbar and hammer as well. I staggered the boards horizontally so they’d be a little more visually appealing. I screwed in two metal strips across the back of the boards on both the left and right sides to hold them in place (using 1/4-3/8 inch screws since the boards are about 3/4 inch in width). Next I laid out the screws in the desired design, and one by one I drilled holes the same diameter as the bullets into the board. I only drilled down about half way into the boards, enough to hold the shells in place. Once all the holes are drilled, drop the casings into their respective holes, and secure each one with a little wood glue. I’m sure hot glue would also work, as long as you work quickly to get the bullets into the hole. Once dried, I added some picture frame wire to the back, and hung it up on the wall. This project was a little more time intensive than most that I do, but it is a pretty awesome gift for any men in your life. You could also arrange the shells in sports team logos or initials.