Hanging Air Planter


IMG_1374I made these as ornaments for Christmas, but these can easily be tweaked to be non-holiday and stylish. I picked up some clear plastic ornaments from Walmart. I believe they were about 90 cents. If they aren’t in-store, you could probably order some online for pretty cheap. I traced a circle on the ornament (large enough opening to fit a small plant) and then cut the circle out with an exacto knife. Be careful not to cut yourself as the knives can slip a bit when using so much force. The only thing left to do would be to attach something to hang it with. I left the ornament top on and just attached some ribbon, but you could also use clear fishing line. You could also take the ornament top off completely and attach a chain to a ring larger than the top opening and feed the chain/ring up through the inside (the ring not fitting through the hole is what secures the chain inside the ornament). Insert an air plant and some moss, and you’re all ready to hang your planter!


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