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Hanging Air Planter


IMG_1374I made these as ornaments for Christmas, but these can easily be tweaked to be non-holiday and stylish. I picked up some clear plastic ornaments from Walmart. I believe they were about 90 cents. If they aren’t in-store, you could probably order some online for pretty cheap. I traced a circle on the ornament (large enough opening to fit a small plant) and then cut the circle out with an exacto knife. Be careful not to cut yourself as the knives can slip a bit when using so much force. The only thing left to do would be to attach something to hang it with. I left the ornament top on and just attached some ribbon, but you could also use clear fishing line. You could also take the ornament top off completely and attach a chain to a ring larger than the top opening and feed the chain/ring up through the inside (the ring not fitting through the hole is what secures the chain inside the ornament). Insert an air plant and some moss, and you’re all ready to hang your planter!


Wood Burning Wall Art


image1I’ve  made a couple projects recently using my new wood burning pen that I picked up from Hobby Lobby for about $12. All of these projects use wood from wood pallets I picked up from the side of road (try searching by the dumpsters of local businesses). I cut the wood into various size pieces using a circular saw, and secured the wood strips/board together with metal stripping (the kind with holes) from Lowes Home Improvement Store (only about $1 or 2). Length of stripping and screw length/head size will depend on the type of project you’re doing. Wood burning is very simple and is pretty much like writing on wood with a sharpie, except instead you’re burning a design with a very hot metal tip. I usually sketch the design out with pencil before starting. This type of project is a little simpler than the previous one I posted, which used bullet casings for the design. For the foyer key hook project, I just bent some old keys I had found using a blow torch and pair of pliers. Once the keys are bent you can just screw them onto the board; they have pre-existing holes. Happy crafting.

FullSizeRender 10417539_10203634765538307_4013324007863845015_n

Birch Wood Log Candle Holders


DSC06182This project requires the use of a table/circular/chain saw! So grab your safety goggles  and let’s get started! I grabbed these birch logs (about 4 inches in diameter) from my parents fire wood pile. We recently cut some limbs off the tree in our front yard. Using my table saw, I cut these limbs down to three different sizes, so they would appear staggered like this when clustered in a group. Make sure that you are making cuts perpendicular to the log so they will sit evenly on a surface. Once you have your logs cut to the sizes you like, find a drill with a drill bit about the same diameter of these tea light candles. I did not have a drill bit that large, so I just drilled multiple holes until it hollowed out a circle. You will want to drill down far enough so the tea lights sit flush with the top of the log. Be cautious when drilling, as friction + wood = fire. Yay science! I did not drill down quite far enough in my attempt, and as you can see the candles stick out a bit. I was in a hurry, okay!?

Once these are complete, light your tea lights and bask in the calming glow…. as with any burning objects.. please do not leave these unattended and keep out of the reach of children. Woohoo for safety! Happy crafting!

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Porch Pumpkins


10632798_10202803673321521_8757737877177655788_n^well that’s a mouth full! It’s October, and if you weren’t already sick of seeing pumpkins, here is a great tutorial on some fun pumpkin porch decorations. Step one is to comb your local town for discarded wood pallets. Living in Charleston, I find these all over the place. If you live in a place where they are less common to come by, check out craigslist or ask you local chain stores if they’ll lend you some. The type, size, length of wood really doesn’t matter. Just rip apart your wood pallets and try to keep as many boards intact as you can (you may have to recruit some strong man friends for this). I got a good number of the 1×6 boards, cut them all to the same length, and lined them up in a row, about 3 ft wide, 2ft high. The size of your wood square will determine the size of your pumpkins. I took a small thin strip of wood and laid this horizontal across the row of boards. Screw this strip of wood into each board, to secure them into your square shape. Next I just sketched out a general pumpkin shape, and used a jigsaw to cut out the design. I screwed a small 2×4 into the back towards the base to make sure it doesn’t fall over, and you can screw this 2×4 piece into a base piece of wood for the pumpkin to sit on if you’d like it be a little sturdier. For the stem, I drilled a hole into a small river birch branch I pulled from our wood pile, and then screwed it into the middle board towards the top.

I did put a light stain on the boars to give it more “pumpkiny” color, but the look of the plain wood pallets is really cool too, especially if they have weathered a bit.

Give this a try for your Halloween/Fall season, and please comment if you have any questions! Throw a real pumpkin nearby and maybe a large candle!