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DIY Floor Pillow: Burlap Coffee Bean Sack


photo (14)So I was perusing an antique store a while back, and I came across these really awesome burlap sacks that were once used for coffee beans. These sacks are giant, and the resulting pillow seen to the left is from about half of a sack. Even so, it still turned out to be a very large pillow. I’m sure at the antique store the prices for something like an old burlap sack is well above its actual worth. If you’d like to say a good bit of money, I would check you local coffee shops, since many of them still receive coffee beans in this way. Since seeing the sack in the antique shop, I have come across numerous people who just seem to have these large sacks and were giving them away for FREE!

Anyway, the idea is fairly simple. You can wash the burlap sack first if you’d like. I would recommend it. Then pick up some cheap pillow stuffing, which you can get at almost all fabric stores and even most Walmarts. With making a pillow of this size, the price of stuffing it can add up.  If you have some old outdated pillows, I would recommend using the stuffing from them, or purchasing a large pillow from goodwill and using the stuffing from it! This should cut down on the price, plus I’m all for re-using what I can.

All you need to do after that is to hand sew the top! Pretty easy eh? If you have a larger needle and some sort of thin rope, that would work best. However, a regular needle and thread will also do, but you may need to sew across multiple times to ensure the thread does not break and your pillow pop open.

Note* – Most of these burlap coffee sacks have interesting and unique writing on them. However, if you happen to find a plain one, stenciling on your own words and images in bright colors would be a great way to add a little something extra for not a lot of money!


Monogrammed Burlap Pillows


What better way to personalize a house or apartment than with monogrammed pillows!? I decided to go with a burlap fabric for a more rustic/natural look with these. Burlap is super cheap and can be found at any fabric or craft store. You will find a greater variety of colors at fabric stores, however.

You will want to cut out two identical squares of fabric (you could also do rectangles if you want rectangle pillows). Make the squares of fabric a little larger than the size you want your pillow to be, because once stuffed they tend to get smaller. Next you want to sew your two squares of fabric together. You will want to lay one square on top of the other and you can also pin them together if you desire. This should make sewing easier. If you are using a fabric with a pattern make sure that the patterned sides of the fabric are touching, aka on the inside of the pillow, because we will be flipping it inside out once it’s sewn together.

Sew around the edge of the pinned square, leaving  a one inch border. **Do not completely sew all the way around; leave about a 4 inch gap so you can flip the fabric right side out. Once you are done sewing that, you will want to flip the sewn squares right side out. This way, the edges of the fabric and threads are on the inside of the pillow where they can’t be seen. While your pillow is still flat and unstuffed, this is a great time to monogram. I decided to use paint to monogram my pillows. You can use fabric paint, but since these pillows were going outside, I just used some leftover wall paint. I just printed out a large “G” from Microsoft Word and then cut out the letter, using the paper as a stencil. You could also do shapes if you didn’t want to monogram.

Once the paint dries, stuff, and then hand stitch your pillow closed. Now after all that “hard” work, rest your head on your lovely new pillows!