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Planting the Write Way



So this is probably the easiest project out there. Buy any terracotta pot from a garden supply or home improvement store. These are usually pretty cheap, and prices will vary depending on size. You will also need some chalkboard paint. You can buy small bottles of this in any craft store, but I just go to Walmart. It will be in the craft paint section and usually runs less than $2.00. If you are painting a very large pot, I would buy a couple bottles or the bulk bottle of paint.


You can obviously write on terracotta pots with chalk as they are originally. However, I have found that the chalk is sometimes hard to clean off of terracotta, plus the black (or any color) chalkboard paint gives it a more finished look. You could use any color chalkboard paint to match the outside decor of your home.

Next, you just paint the outside and inside lip of the pot with the chalkboard paint. Make sure you paint far enough down on the inside so that where you stop will be covered by the soil. Don’t worry about painting the entire inside of the pot, since no one will see this and that would only waste paint.  I do about two coats just to get a good thick layer of paint on.


Once this is dry, you can fill with dirt and plants of your choosing. I planted some cilantro. You can label these pots with your address if going on the front porch, a cute message, or even label the types of plants you have growing.  You could even write important reminders, like maybe, “WATER ME!!” haha.

*Note – chalk does wash off in water .. So be careful when watering and try to keep the pot under some sort of porch or awning. Although you can always rewrite the message if it washes off.


Chalk Board Art Wall


photo (6)photo (5)Looking for a fun way to jazz up a kitchen space or play room? Chalkboard paint is a very inexpensive way to do this. It’s great for entertaining kids of all ages. You can buy chalkboard paint at any place that sells paint, Lowe’s, Home Improvement, even Walmart. Just tape off an area of wall, any size and shape you want. You could even change it up and do a couple circles low to the ground for kids to draw things on. At our house, we just have a large rectangle section of chalkboard in our eating area.

If you like art but don’t feel like buying it, draw your own. You can change up the style from week to week and even change the design for holidays and big events like birthdays, anniversaries, and going away parties. If you are into the more practical side of things, kids can use it for homework, or make a small one in the kitchen to keep grocery lists!

Button Letter Art


I made this piece of art for my apartment a while ago. It was really simple to make and super inexpensive. I got a frame from Goodwill (complete with tacky flower picture, glass front, and cardboard back). I think it was about $2, but price varies depending on the size of the frame. You will need a glue gun for this project, or some sort of adhesive. I lined the cardboard back with a piece of burlap fabric I had leftover from another project. You could glue on any fabric you desire or even use scrapbook paper!

Next, find some buttons! If you can’t find any lying around your house or from your mom, try a thrift store. Often times they will have bags of old unique buttons. If you still cant find any for cheap or for free, you can always buy some from a craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. The last step is to lay out your buttons to form your letter. It is smart to do this before you glue them down. Using different sizes of buttons makes it easier to make a uniform letter shape. Doing a script or cursive letter would also look cute! You can also do whole words. Finally, just glue down your buttons. Let your imagination go wild and happy crafting!