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Baby Boy Bow-Tie Onesie


ImageThis project requires some sewing skill and a sewing machine, but is still fairly easy. Babies in bow-ties are just about the most adorable thing ever, and I think this projects makes a wonderful baby shower gift. You will need a onesie, whatever color you prefer, which you can pick up from Walmart for about $2.00 or something close to that.

What makes this gift so great is the versatility. I made nine different bow-ties in varying fabrics. You can choose fabrics that reflect the personality of the parents. In this instance, the parents are Clemson fans and also enjoy hunting, hence the Clemson and camouflage fabrics. You barely need any fabric at all to make these little bow ties. You will really only need about a 10in by 10in piece of fabric to make each bowtie, which doesn’t amount to a very big cost as far as fabric goes.

To make the bow-ties, you sew each piece of fabric into a small rectangle. Size can vary based on the size of the onesie. You sew these rectangles the same way you would sew a pillow. You don’t even need to hand sew the rectangle closed if you leave the opening in the middle, since this will be covered up by the middle piece of the bow-tie. Next you will need the small strip of fabric that will cinch the bow-tie together, it will ultimately look like a ring. I just used a small dab of fabric glue to secure the fabric into a loop. Slip this onto the rectangle.


Once you have have completed the bow-ties, you can use snaps to secure them to the onesie. Snaps will allow the parent to easy change between the different bow-ties and also allows them to be removed when the onesie needs to be washed. Hand sew the back side a snap to the onesie. Hand sew the front side of the snaps to all of the bow-ties you have made. Voila’! You’re finished.


Baby Tutu and Personalized Sport’s Team Onesie


This tutu and baby onesie were made for a friend of mine at work. She is a big Atlanta Falcon’s fan and just had her first baby girl! They don’t make football jerseys in baby sizes, so why not go with an adorable tutu? I alternated black and red tule around an elastic band. Just make sure you measure the baby’s waist first so its the right size. You can buy elastic from any craft store, and widths vary. If the child is small enough you can just buy the pre-made elastic baby headbands and use them. Next, you just want to loop the tule around the elastic band. I added some red ribbon and bows and just glued on a few around the tutu. The Falcon’s emblem on the onesie was made with red fabric paint. I made the stencil out of freezer paper. I explain the technique for this in an older blog post, so see that for details! You can use fabric glue or hot glue to add bows wherever you’d like. In this case I added one to the collar.  Happy crafting!

Ruffle Butt Onesie


 There’s nothing cuter than a baby with ruffles on their bottom! I made this for my niece. The front has a painted flower on it, in the same color as the ruffles on the butt. I painted the flower on using the freezer paper technique described in my previous post.

This project is super easy, and you definitely don’t have to add anything besides the ruffles since they are cute enough on their own. I just added the flower on the front since it was a plain white onesie.

I bought this ruffle ribbon at Hobby Lobby. You can find it in the ribbon section, but it’s with the specialty ribbon that you can buy by the yard. I just bought enough to fit across the onesie three times and then about 5 inches extra to be safe.

To start you need 3 pieces of fabric that are same width as the onesie, with about an inch or so extra so that you can fold under the sides when you sew it on. I sewed each “tier” on one at a time, starting with the bottom, since they kind of overlap each other. Pin the bottom strip on first and fold under the left and right edges so that you get a clean edges. I just match the sides of the ribbon up with the seam on the side of the onesie. Once you have that pinned, just sew all the way across your ribbon with matching thread to secure it on.  Make sure you are only sewing across the back of the onesie and not the front and the back or else you will be sewing  your onesie closed. Repeat with the second layer, which you put above the one you just did. Sew on one more strip of ruffle ribbon and you are good to go!

DIY Baby Girl Onesie Dress


Okay folks, this is going to be a long post. I wish I had some pictures of the process, but unfortunately I didn’t take any when I made these a while back.

First thing you will need to do is aquire some onesies. They can be ones you already have, you can buy them in packs of 4 from Walmart for cheap, or you can buy some better quality ones from Hobby Lobby (which come in wider array of colors and prints). Once you have your onesie purchased, you will need some fabric (amount will depend on size of onesie) and you will need ribbon that is an inch and a half thick (enough to wrap around completely around the onesie with a little extra).

Now you are not cutting the bottom of the onesie off, you are simply sewing this “skirt” onto the onesie. Sew your rectangle into a closed tube. It should look like a cylinder with the print on the inside (kind of like rolling a sheet of paper into a long tube). Next you want to fold the tube up over itself so that the print of the fabric is now on the inside of the tube and the outside. The tube should now be half the length it was. The bottom of your double sided tube should be the folded side, and the top should be open with two layers of fabric. You can cut this top edge of the skirt to change how long the skirt will be on the onesie. I usually make it long enough to go about an inch or two past where the onesie ends.

The next thing you want to do is pin your skirt all the way around the onesie. This is why the circumference of your skirt didnt really matter because you can pleat it around the skirt so it fits exactly. Just make little folds in the fabric as you go and try to make them even all the way around. Once the skirt is pinned on, sew  around the circumference of the skirt to secure it to the onesie. Make sure you are not sewing straight across with the onesie folded, or you will be sewing your onesie closed.

Once this is done, youll want to add some ribbon to hide the cut edges at the top of the fabric skirt. Start in the back with one end of the ribbon and sew your way around the skirt, ending in the back where you started. Once you sew all the way back to your starting point of the ribbon, just fold the end of the ribbon under to get a clean line (that way the ribbon won’t run). You obviously don’t want to sew right in the middle of your ribbon, so I sew two lines, one at the top of the ribbon and one at the bottom. This hides all of the skirt stitching securely inside, and underneath, the ribbon.

You can emblish the side with a bow or fabric/ribbon flower! The possibilities are endless. I made one of these onesie dresses for my niece to wear to church. I even used fabric paint to add a little faux peal necklace onto the top of the onesie.

Baby Boy Tie Onesie


 This is one of my favorite projects thus far and I think it is just the cutest thing ever! You will need a sewing machine for this project. The onsie itself I bought in a pack of 4 for about $11, so it’s a little less than $3. I bought a 1/4 of a yard of fabric for the tie, which was probably more than i needed. I also had to buy some iron on bonding paper (which you can find in the fabric section and you only need a 1/4 of a yard of this too).

The bonding paper is basically used to fuse the two fabrics so that they can be easily sewn together. Cut out a rectangle of bonding paper a little larger than the dimensions of the tie shape. Cut the tie fabric out to these same dimensions. Iron the fabric onto the bonding paper (wrong side of the fabric to the adhesive side of the the bonding paper). Once the tie fabric is bonded to the paper, you can easily cut out whatever design you like. Since it is fused to the paper it doesnt fray when cutting. For this project I just cut out a general tie shape that would fit nicely on the size of the onesie. Make sure you mimic the curve at the neckline. Once you have your shape cut out, you peel off the paper part of the bonding paper (this leaves the bonding agent stuck to the back of the tie fabric). You then just position the tie where you want it and iron it on. Now the two fabrics are bonded together, but this will not be very secure, so you need to sew the two together. I just sewed a border around the entire shape to secure them togethe (if you want to get fancy you can even use a zigzag stitch!).